Welcome to Kirsten Delaney Photography.

Imagine having a business where you get to do something you totally love? Lucky me because my passion is creating portrait images that capture a moment, an expression and a connection that will make you smile for years. My aim is to do that in a way that is easy, enjoyable and affordable.

As you can see from my galleries, I'm all about faces - really little faces, family faces, gorgeous faces and faces celebrating all the moments in our crazy lives. Whether that be your precious newborn, a family photo shoot, a special family celebration, a corporate event or a bat mitzvah, I'm always honoured to capture those images.

I just love this quote from iconic photo journalist, Steve McCurry, whose hauntingly beautiful image, Afghan Girl, has had me hooked on photography and the power of a single image for as long as I can remember:

"I like to work with people, not take the pictures surreptitiously. It's important to establish a relationship of courtesy and interest, to get close enough to look a person in the eye and speak to them. The eyes are so expressive, they say so much about who a person is and what they're going through. I want them to look right at me so that contact with me becomes contact with the people who will see the photograph."

I'd love to get those images for you.