I love working with charities and people going out of their way to make this world a better place for those less fortunate.

I am delighted to have an ongoing relationship with two incredible organisations, Kookaburra Kids and So They Can, photographing events to promote their work, celebrate their achievements and help in their fundraising efforts.

Kookaburra Kids (www.kookaburrakids.org.au) helps children in families who are impacted by mental health. They provide respite camps that allow these children to connect with others in similar situations, have access to counselling and develop resilience strategies to help them cope. They are an incredible organisation, with an impressive team of ambassadors that are committed to raising awareness of mental health and a force of volunteers that are dedicated to delivering support. I have photographed every fundraising event since 2015 and always walk away inspired, impressed and also grateful.

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So They Can (www.sotheycan.org) aim to empower communities and break the poverty cycle through education. Through their work in Kenya and Tanzania, they have helped over 1,700 children and their families, building schools, orphanages, teacher's colleges and sustainable local businesses. So They Can are the very essence of "every action matters" and showcase that we CAN make a difference and that every child is important. What they have achieved just blows me away and I am truly delighted to tag along for the ride, helping in my little way. I am beyond excited to say that my oldest daughter & I will be visiting Kenya to find out all about STC and the work they are doing there in July 2019. All three of us are very excited - Caitlin, my camera & me!

I work a lot with our local public school, documenting special events for the band and with fundraising and sporting activities. In 2013, I shot and produced all the portrait images for the 150th anniversary cookbook, raising over $20,000 for the school.  

I can provide gift vouchers for silent auctions for your school or pre-school for auctions to help raise critical funds.

If you think I might be the right fit for your organisation and that I could support your efforts, please give me a call.

As of 2018, I also work with Heads over Heels, an organisation that supports female entrepreneurs to build their businesses by accessing powerful networking opportunities. As pro-bono photographer, I capture these dynamic women pitching their business plans and seeking key connections through members of HoH, creating unique opportunities to grow their businesses. It’s always an inspiring night out, hearing about fantastic businesses and meeting the ambitious, successful women driving them. You can find out more at www.headsoverheels.com.au.

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